Thursday, 30 June 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ cat dash

This week we wanted to show you some of our horse cat play!

::3 paw taps::



We find our cat dash skills are at their best when Mrs H is trying to get us inside!
More fool her!
PS. The new kit at the bottom of our garden, Ellwood, has been hit by a car and broken his leg. He is going to be OK. Even though we don't like him coming into our garden, we kind of miss him.


  1. Ha..Ha..I do that too : )
    Make mom run !

    And Purrs for Ellwood

  2. Mom and I apologise for not being here. Mom broke her paw and her knees are upset with her too. So since she types with her lefty hand pointer's a rough go at writing and helping me. We LOVE seeing those running back views. Mommy wants to love all over them.

  3. Poor Ellwood! We're sending him lots of healing purrs.

    We love your mad dashing around the garden. The mom always laughs and laughs at us when we get our "crazies." :-)

  4. We loves the cat dash game! Sometimes its cuz wes is running home! Mr D has a super soaker and when we goes into his garden SPLASH!!!!!

  5. Wow, you guys are FAST! How funny that you are at your best when Mrs. H. wants you to go indside. :D

    Big purrs for Ellwood.

  6. We love seeing you dash!! And we're sorry to hear about Ellwood. We're glad he is going to be okay.

  7. sounds like great fun! But poor Ellwood :-( I hope he'll be feeling good again soon - I miss him too, and I've never even met him!

  8. Love those floofy tails and wild ears!

  9. I've wondered how people get cats to come inside when the cats are not ready. Now I know the answer!!!

  10. You rascals enjoying yourselves in the garden when you are wanted indoors! Hope Elwood is soon back in action just like you two:)

  11. Oh no! Poor Ellwood. We are so sorry. We are sending purrs even tho he was an introoder.

    We LOVE todays pics!

  12. Poor Ellwood! You look liks you are having such fun!

  13. that back view just makes mommy smile SO big!!!!1


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