Monday, 6 June 2011

new kid on the block

And here he is. Allow me to introduce you to Ellwood, he is a Burmilla. He is one of two, his brother is called Otis but is too shy to come visiting. They live in the house at the bottom of our garden.

This is the first time he visited and Bingley and Darcy were in the garden

he clocked them

but was not to be deterred

Bingley seemed to be OK.
But Darcy was frightened and ran inside even though it is HIS garden.

we couldn't get over his skinny tail

We drew the line at letting him inside!
I wonder how it will all go with him and our boys...

PS. Thanks for the advice about the posting issue I had, I did as suggested and it seems to have fixed it!


  1. Nice to meet Ellwood, He is pretty handsome dude : )
    And you guys are so nice to let him enjoy your yard, not me !
    Bingley and Darcy, You are The true Gentleman Cat : )

  2. We hope everyone becomes friends! Ellwood is a handsome young fellow! Maybe Otis eventually will come visiting too. :-)

  3. What a beautiful boy!!!

  4. He is a beautiful boy but Darcy and Bingly remain my handsome favorite boys. Kisses to you two.

  5. Ellwood is a handsome dude. How nice of you to let him visit! :)

  6. Ellwood is quite handsome...and intact! Are his pawrents planning to neuter him? He certainly seems at ease in your garden.

  7. To those of us with short haired cats, the luxurious plumes sported by you two are the amazing things!!!

  8. Well, we hope Darcy and Bingley become furiends with Ellwood. He's very handsome. We've never heard of a Burmilla before!

  9. We hope they are all going to be fur buddies. The new neighbour looks sweet!

  10. Hi Darcy and Bingley! Your new neighbor friend Ellwood is very cute! He has a skinny tail like we do. We think it will be great if you can all become friends and play together!


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