Tuesday, 22 December 2009

indoor twinkles

It was with considerable surprise and unsuppressed glee that we assisted Mrs H with a TREE for the conservatory! It was a bit weird and not at all like the trees outside. Bingley tried climbing it but he is such a big boy (he he) that he toppled out of it (in fact the tree fell over, which is a new one on us, but great fun nevertheless)


  • Cats 3 (Bing pulled it over twice, Darcy just the once but he is working on it)

  • Tree nil (not a single day yet passed in an entirely upright position)


  1. Those photos are so CUTE ...

    You need to attach the tree to a wire or string of some sort and attach that to a table of something ... to hold it up.

    Our tree went over so many times that we bought a very very heavy stand ... and our trees haven't been knocked over.

    Thanks for sharing the kittens and the tree ...

  2. Very funny!
    Macy has decided our tree is an excellent scratching post! Milly is more interested in the decorations which fall off!
    D xxx

  3. Oh yes! We wire our tree to the wall...without question. And there it stays...slowly falling apart from all the kitty and woofie activity around it. BUT it's upright! :).
    Love the pictures of the blue eye peeking through the hole in the box...and the paw poking though too.
    ~Lisa Co9T

  4. It certainly looks like you all had a good time putting the tree up (or rather, knocking it over!) Hope it stays in one piece over the festive season! Katie x

  5. That looks like so much fun! You wore your holiday hats for the tree decorating too! That will get you extra points with Santa Paws.

  6. Luckily Boris & Maisie have not spotted the tree yet. It is soooo cold here that they just want to be by the fire all day! Lizzie x

  7. WOW! If yoo haven't already, yoo should join the Norty kitten Club over at Amy's house of cats ~ 'cos wiv nortiness like that yoo'd be a star member. We joined too. Yoo get a fun badge and efurrything!
    Scroll down our sidebar to the NKC blog to join.
    Merry Chrismouse!
    Love Milo, Alfie and Mom xxx

  8. Hello again!
    This is a comment on behalf of Diana at "Pebbledash" as she was unable to leave a comment here herself. Diana says: Have a wonderful Christmas time! And thank you for supporting her blog.


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