Thursday, 24 December 2009

Thursday in a snowy garden

Following on from last Thursday, Mrs H managed to take a shot of the ginger lovely who visits our she is..

Its been very WHITE here, we've never seen snow before and we LIKE it, in fact we even ended up rolling in it! (woof)

A cautious Bing

... not such a cautious Bing now.. (he sat on the frozen pond!)

.. chew of the grass calls ~ when its frozen! (Darcy)

... why grass, when you can have twig! (Bing)


  1. Your garden looks like a winter wonderland! Have a wonderful Christmas.

    Purrs, Cory and family

  2. Merry Chrismouse to yoo all.
    Your garden looks so pretty in the snow. We haven't had any snow here in Sidmouth yet.

    Chrismouse Smoochies.
    Milo and Alfie xxxx

  3. Beautiful snowy pictures, dear!
    Very little left here, most of the snow melted or was washed away by rain yesterday - only now it has frozen so we have ice instead!
    We're all snug for Christmas Eve and ready for the festivities to begin...
    Happiest of Days to you and your loved ones!
    D xx

  4. Isn't it nice of Mrs. H. to provide these new toys - trees to knock over and white stuff to roll in!!
    So glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!! I look forward to seeing more of you in the New Year!!


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