Saturday, 12 December 2009


Dogs eh?
... Oh, but you can train a dog....they say;
... and dogs love to play ball games... they say;
... and dogs 'fetch';
Allow me, once again, to introduce you to THE delightful, THE special... THE one and only, Mr BINGLEY!


  1. Mom's got to get busy! My momma Ellie does the same thing! We need a video too. She adores those soft little balls and she fetches them and brings them up the stairs and whaps them herself so she can chase it down the stairs again! Does that mean my momma is part Birman?

  2. Everyone, well every cat anyway, knows that we are the superior species.

  3. Bingley, that was very impressive. I chase but I do not fetch. I expect dad to come and pick up my ball or toy and then throw it again. I think he likes it that way.

  4. Brilliant Mr Bingley! Mr Boris got stuck in the dollshouse yesterday morning... it was very funny, so will post it on the blog when I get a minute! Thank you for your Xmas wiahes, have a lovely one too! Lizzie x


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