Thursday, 10 December 2009

Thursday in the garden

What could top the delight of jumping on the heads of Mr and Mrs H, extra early this morning (the sun was shafting through their curtains... come on!!!)?

Well, quite alot! We stuffed down breakfast, chewed a dressing gown belt to a thread, yakked up a long grass by the bookcase (Darcy), pretended to doze as Mrs H walked by in her work suit... WE POUNCED HER  puuuurrrrrurrr ..prodded with claw....(the resulting SQUAWK was most rewarding!).

Then we headed for the door. Waited. Waited. Waited some more.

Mrs H was really quite long to get back to us (but she had on fresh tights so worth it! "to claw, or not to claw" ~ immediately that is - but either way we will get her later! puuuurrru chrrrwwwhhh). She unlocked the door and we.. paused... rubbed.. suddenly BOUNDED outside.

Initial delight was tempered by WET stuff clung to whiskers (well Darcy's)

... and to tails (Darcy's again) He He

But none of this seemed to happen to Bing! HE was like a beautiful white regal fluff ball, despite wet green and dirt... (he will pay later!)

... But who cares for appearance when you can 'seek and possibly FIND'!!

beautiful wet pebbles (supporting props)
Mrs H just had to show off these because she delighted in them :-)


  1. Hello there dear! So, did they destroy the tights or not??
    You can get the snow widget over on my blog - look at the top of my sidebar!
    D xxxx

  2. Again, I am thrilled to have found your blog. You two are adorable ...

  3. The stones are wonderful. They look like those we get on Budleigh Salterton beach. (Jurassic). And fabulous fun pics in the garden!

    Milo and Alfie xx

  4. Hello! I've just been catching up on all of Darcy and Bingley's recent adventures...what busy fluff balls they've been! Loved the video of them playing in the garden. Are they getting very excited about Christmas? Our two love particularly like playing in all the giftwrap! Katie x

  5. That last pebble is almost as beautiful as Darcy and Bingley! But only almost!!

  6. Beautiful photos of the pair of lovelies in the garden :D

  7. Mom has a little collection of stones too. They all look totally different, but she says none is a Pebble. What a shame, we love that name. Boys, your real colouring is starting to appear more and more. It will we interesting to see the change over the months.

  8. P.S.: Darcy, I know exactly how you feel. Check out this video:
    Being a floofy Gardening Cat isn't always easy...


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