Friday, 18 June 2010

closet fashion

Skeletons in the closet? I once went out looking like this (a mere youngster). Just the once because I wasn't sufficiently accomplished at the 'non smile' to be effective long-term (the skirts were bin liners, as if I needed to point that out).
I am the one on the right
what closet secrets do you have?


  1. What a fun post!...You look goth, like you were ready to have some wild fun!!...My closet contains some wild years in my youth; I went a little crazy from 17-22, but I did have lots of fun during those crazy years!...That was half my life ago and now, I'm pretty settled down and my cats are the ones that go crazy every now and then!...Hope you have a happy weekend.

  2. Ha, ha!
    It's a shocker, for certain!
    So pleased that your punk phase passed after a few hours...... ;-)

  3. It's so funny seeing this. I remember my best friend had a dress her brother made for her out of bin-bags back in the mid 1980s! x

  4. Yoo looked fabulous! I was a hippy once in the late sixties/early seventies! I had long hair parted in the middle (Marianne Faithful style) and wore beautiful kaftans with beads and flowers. It was a very happy time of life. I shared a flat with a friend ~ and we enjoyed Mungo Jerry's "In the Summertime" music. oh happy days!



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