Thursday, 24 June 2010

Today is Special ~ Poppy

... Special because what I thought might be a weed turned into a pink poppy!


  1. Oh what a beautiful flower!
    I'm so pleased you allowed the 'weed' to stay put until you were certain of what it might become ... and now you have a most gorgeous poppy, or a dozen of poppies (!), to enjoy!
    Happy days dearest,
    D x

  2. Lovely when that happens, isn't it?!...Happy weekend just ahead.

  3. It's great how these poppies just turn up. I have a very similar one in my garden. I am glad you didn't pull it out thinking it was a weed! A few years back I had a gorgeous pink fluffy one appear, which unfortunately never came back. x

  4. and such a beautiful one too x

  5. How lovely, and scarily weird. I too have noticed enormous poppies appearing all over the farm, especially in my veggie beds, luckily I recognised the leaves and left them to see what developed. (I'm in Oxfordshire too.)

    It seems that this Summer the poppies are invading big style because my Dad has had them popping up all over his allotment too and he's in Manchester.

    Sue xx
    It's the nicest sort of weed I've ever had!

  6. hello Sue (your comment above), I tried to visit you but access was barred. I wanted to thank you for your comment about my Mother-in-law and for your poppy support comment above! Would like to pop by your blog... not sure how to reach it (hope you read this). Helen x

  7. Hiya, sorry about the access problem, I think I've sorted it. Blogger seems to have mysteriously changed a number of my privacy settings!!

    However, now I think I've got it back to normal. Sue xx


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