Tuesday, 15 June 2010

end of an era

A most stylish lady  in the photos above and with her dear little son (my husband - my how he has changed!)
It is a good 'innings' I guess when one reaches 94 years of age as my Mother-in-law did, and then passed away quietly in her sleep this week.
Not alone, in her own bed, at peace.
People talk of what makes a 'good death', I tentatively say this might be one...
94th Birthday celebration
Her favourite chair is given a new home, christened by Bingley. Destined to be enjoyed.


  1. My deepest condolences to your husband, to you, and to all her family and friends.

    I have to agree that dying peacefully in one's sleep, in one's bed, is a "good" death.

    Lots of universal healing Light to you all.

  2. My sincere sympathies to you and your family on this great loss in your lives...Your mother-in-law was a lovely woman...Wishing you all comfort and peace during this sad time.

  3. I'm sorry for your loss, but you're right as much as a death can be good, it's a nice way to pass. Purrs to you and yours.

  4. What a life she must have had ...
    And, now her chair gives comfort to others ...
    xo xo xo

  5. Hello dear one,
    This is such a touching tribute to dear M. As you say, in many ways a 'good' passing on,
    Sending you both big hugs and lots of love,
    D and Co. xx

  6. I am so sorry to read of your loss. For your mother-in-law to reach such an amazing age, she will be sorely missed. It's a blessing she was able to go in such a peaceful way, hopefully with no suffering. Lovely memories in the photos for you. I like how Bingley has taken up residence on the chair! x

  7. I'm sorry I missed this post. Sincere condolances. I agree with you about what makes a "good" death. My own grandfather died holding my hand, in his own bed (in a nursing home) surrounded by care and love (at age 100 years and 4 months). We must all die one day and that is the best way to go in my opinion.

    I am so pleased your MILs favourite chair is being put to good use.

  8. A 'good death' after a good life is all we can hope and pray for. To be loved and be surrounded by those we love, even better.

    Nice that Bingley loves her chair enough to give it the pussycat seal of approval. It must be full of happy, contented 'vibes'.

    Sue xx


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