Tuesday, 20 July 2010

are we there yet...?

Holiday bag... cat in it...
wonder why?
Yep, she is going away!
Bing assisting with ... um ... tummy warmth airing?
... it began with her excessive laundry airing
My brother picketing her shoes (she can't go away bare foot surely?!)
I helped her choose some tops during the packing session...
... but after one minute began my own special picket...
Bing in his favourite bed
Then we were told the news! WE ARE COMING TOO!
Darcy NOT up for play
Such promise of dedicated fun and play on holiday ...well it better be good is all I can say... (gotta get in a car for 4 hours afterall)

Note from Mrs H: Farewell dear friends we are all off to Cornwall for our holidays (staying at my Aunt's and she isn't on the internet)... so we won't be around to visit you for a while, or post either. But we look forward very much to doing that when we come home. Mr and Mrs H senior will be staying in our home for a holiday all of their own and blogging on our behalf is not yet within their scope (but one day!)


  1. Wonderful photo series. A holiday sounds marvellous, and all the better because you both get to go with your humans. What fun! Take care! :-)

  2. I am now watching "Pride and Prejudice" - the Keira Knightly & Matthew McFadden one... makes me think of you two!

  3. Have a Grand Adventure and there better be lots of photos !!!

  4. Have a great holiday and see you when you return!

  5. Hope you beautiful boys have a fun, safe trip with many happy adventures along the way; we look forward to hearing all about it!...We'll miss you...kitty kisses x3 sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Oh we will miss yoo all but have a great holiday. Couldn't yoo give the olds a crash course in blogging? Just asking!

  7. Your precious little ones have such loving faces. I truly love looking at their dear faces each time. So glad they are going with you even if it means four hours in the car.

    Please be safe and enjoy your stay. We hope to see you on your return.

    Purrs and headbumps.

  8. Have a good time! We will miss you!

  9. Please come by and get your Silver Claw Award, Kitties, before you go.

  10. You get to go too?? I've never been on holiday...although my mom says I live on holiday but I don't know what she means. Have fun my furriends and we'll see you when you get back!

  11. Aw, we'll miss you all, but we hope you have a great and wonderful trip. :)

  12. I do hope you are having a wonderful holiday, and come back with lots of stories and photos for us!!!


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