Thursday, 25 November 2010

bird protection police notified

Darcy - the face of a (near) killer

Todays garden adventure turned into a thriller because I stalked and caught a birdie. It was for Mrs H so I took it straight to her with a gurgling growl. She totally over-reacted, wrenched apart my jaws (I was giving the birdie to her anyway so no need for that!), and then grabbed me back by the tail rather roughly as the birdie shot up and away .. I could have got it again if she hadn't done that! I was then brought inside when I wanted to be OUTSIDE. I have shouted my head off and stalked every window since to get my message across.

[Comment from Mrs H: the birdie was a beautiful Goldfinch. I think it was un-injured but I hope it survived the shock that is Darcy]

.. and where was the brother during this commotion? Where do you think?
(its cold out there after all!)


  1. Darcy, what's wrong with your human? Doesn't she understand you were hunting for her and bringing her food? You showed her the highest honour by taking the birdie to her and not just eating its head. You're actions are totally misunderstood.

    What's that, Mom? You'd have done the same as Mrs. H.? Nooooo.....!

  2. Darcy, we are very impressed with your hunting skills, but our Mommy is glad Mrs. H saved the birdie...And our Mommy is very impressed with Mrs. H's sewing post too; our Mom has a hard time sewing buttons!!...We love your adorable photos, handsome boys and hope you have a wonderful day together...kisses...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. As legal representatives of Miss Darcy, we would like to take this opportunity to point out that the alleged indecent detailed above did not in fact take place.

    Our clients state that implying that she would harm a defenceless Goldfinch is nothing more then slanderous gossip mongering.

    Furthermore, our client states that they were not in any way attempting to catch and/or kill the Goldfinch, but were in fact attempting to rehabilitate the bird by teaching it to fly as part of the Small Bird Care in the Community Outreach Charity, of which our client is an enthusiastic and active member.

    Miss Darcy wishes to point out that whereby every care is taken in the rehabilitation of small birds, accidents do happen and Mr Goldfinch was well aware of the risks involved and had signed a disclaimer to the fact, absolving Miss Darcy of all responsibility should such accidents arise.

    Our client therefor requests that you to retract your libel-est comments or they will be left with no other course of action but to pursue this matter further. You have been warned.

    The Paw Relations

    (Only joking)

  4. We apologise for our mistake in the above comment. Perhaps we could go with the 'in touch with your feminine side' defence?

  5. Oh Darcy! We're sorry your mom ruined all your fun!! 'Specially when that birdie was gonna be a gift to your mom.

  6. Sounds like you mom ruined your good times, Darcy! Moms are sometimes a little over-protective of birdies and small creatures (ours are the same way...).

  7. Wha? The birdie willingly flew into your mouth! I'm sure of it! Then before you had a chance to deliver it and spit it out unharmed at the feet of your beloved momma she took that beautiful moment away from you by ripping the birdie out of your mouth. I'm truly shocked!

  8. GAH! That happened to me, too. I brought a dove inside and Mommy nearly had a stroke trying to catch it. Dove poop EVERYWHERE. Serves her right.


  9. Darcy, That's a gift for her. She miss out !
    by the way , You look so cute on the towels : )

  10. Darcy, that's quite the face you've got today!

    Although we totally understand, we're glad Mrs. H. saved that little birdie. We love kitties AND birdies.

  11. Oh oh. You're a brave fine hunter but we're glad your mum interfered!

  12. Oh dear. We fink yoo were set up ~ after all, yoo wouldn't do anyfin as norty as try to eat a Goldfinch all up, would yoo? MOL!

  13. Hi Darcy! We have missed visiting with you since mom can't visit blogs from work anymore! We think that it was very sweet of you to get Mrs H a birdie like that - we don't understand at all why she got so upset! Please tell Bingley hi from us!!


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