Monday, 22 November 2010

sewing for dummies

For some time now I have had a longing to sew; to create crafts a bit like some of the beautiful ones I see in the lovely vintage and craft blogs I visit and so admire. My friend Denise is an inspiration and gosh how she can sew - I particularly loved the cats she made! If I compare myself to her talent I will never sew, so instead I am going to just give it a go and learn in my own little way. With her help over the telephone, I made a wall hanging.
Following and understanding written instructions not that easy for a novice.

... but I loved back-stitching the writing with embroidery thread...

.. this sewing  machine belonged to Mum, but she said I could have it. The stitches looped in a funny way on the back of the fabric when I used it first but Denise put me right by suggesting I adjust the tension dial (I just don't know these things)

This is what I made. The birdie is fraying a little because I didn't realise that you need to iron on interfacing at the back before you cut it out and sew it on. I'll do that next time. You cannot see them well here, but I sewed on tiny little beads to the wing area. I think I need to use more contrasting thread another time for the writing.

Lid - warmed by Darcy
I learnt how to cover a box with fabric too, again with tuition from Denise...
(such a valuable friend)
Note: If you live with a cat(s) remember to factor in their curiosity levels
(most unhelpful in my case)

I give you my box!
I am already planning my next project.


  1. Your first efforts are wonderful! I too have the "Cat Factor", 13 of them in fact. They are more help than any Mommy needs!

  2. Kudos to you! I can barely sew on a button and haven't sufficient interest in learning, though always think how lovely to be able to make things like that. (Or do any kind of creative craft work.) The most I do is knit very basic stuff and I'm only a so-so knitter -- you wouldn't want to look closely at my projects!

  3. I think you did Great !!!
    And, a few paw prints on any item is always welcome ...

  4. Great job!!! The PM likes to sew too but she doesn't get much time to do it.

  5. Oh the bird hanging looks lovely ! I adore the fabric that you chose and the use of 'sunshine' works really well - well done to you, what a great standard for your first hanging! Fab :-)
    D x

  6. I love it! Absolutely love it. I embroider too and I have some fresh new floss to start again. I am so glad you're sharing your own side of life as well as Bingley and Darcy.

  7. My goodness you are clever. I can sew on a button and that's IT! Looking forward to crafty pics...

  8. Wow, That look fantastic !
    But for me, I think I leave it for my mom : )

  9. Hi Helen, It will be great to meet you at the fair on Sunday! lizzie xx

  10. I love your bird hanging - so pretty! I have enthusiastic cat 'helpers' too!:)

  11. Your hanging and box are beautiful. Well done.


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