Friday, 12 November 2010

Return of the female

Dangerous, I know, but I have been thinking. But bright thoughts so it is OK.
I have decided to widen this blog to encompass me again.
After time blogging away, I now wish to return to the fold.
Bingley and Darcy will still be 'leading mancats' and feature A LOT (of course!), but I will be here a little too and the Happiness Kindled blog will say a fond farewell.
I hope you will still continue to visit us and enjoy the addition.

Thank you to everyone for their comments, I really appreciate the support for my change in direction - 'less is more' as they say!


  1. It can be difficult to juggle two (or more) blogs plus keep up with everyone in the CB. Or so our mom says. We think she's just lazy and/or incompetent. :-D

    Love the pansies--so cheerful for this almost mid-November day!

  2. thank you Kea (and your Mom)... you hit the nail on the head... and my boys say the same about me! Helen x

  3. I keep 3 blogs, Flickr and I try to keep up with the CB. I loved what Kea said. But it gets a little hard to do sometimes. I took a vacation from one of them yesterday.

    I will be happy to come by and see you.

  4. Oh Hello!
    Wow! I love the new look blog and the new purpose too :-)
    Can't wait to discover more of the 'whole' you through these posts!
    Here's to simplifying and expanding all at once,
    Happy days,
    D x

  5. The more the merrier. All hail the Female!

  6. Kea was right ! my mom has to close down 2 blogs a mouth ago because it took too much time from me and family. Now she just got 2 blog left. One is her art blog and of course , my blog : )

  7. We are happy to have all of you in one place. Your other blog was lovely and of course Darce and Bing are always welcome anywhere!

  8. Our mom certainly wouldn't mind reading some from your mom.
    Now, what are you two gorgeous mancats up to? Tell us...
    Siena & Chilli

  9. It can be a job to keep up with the blogs...We really enjoyed your Thursday post=so many beautiful photos of you handsome boys and your tail sticking out of the pot was very silly!...We are trying to catch up with our wonderful friends on the weekends; our Mommy's new job, along with her part time one, makes it difficult to visit during the week now...We hope you all enjoy a fun weekend together, sweet friends...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. It's hard enough getting mom to help us with one blog...we would not want her to have her own. She tried once and it didn't work out.

    Purrs, Cory

  11. I just read yoor farewell message on the other blog and I can so understand. Trying to juggle two blogs is so time consuming ~ one always ends up suffering. I used to have my own blog but then admitted defeat ~ and now i just help with Milo and Alfie's ~ and truth is, it's a relief!


  12. Of course we want glimpses of you too! After all, where would those furry fellas be without you!


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