Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Country Living Fair

new hat for a colourful friend
I love the Country Living magazine. It is always so positive and uplifting. This year I went to the Fair in London with my friend, for the first time. We took supplies of food and drinks and wore flat shoes and layers (but actually I wasn't a success in the Girl Guides). Anyway, we had a wonderful time.

One day soon I will make my own wall hanging, while I read up on how (seriously), I bought one with birds on it as a Christmas hanging from Susie Watson!

But here is my favourite find of the whole Fair. Linda Miller Embroideries. I adored all of her work, and this one especially. I bought a postcard and can only dream of owning an actual embroidery. So jolly and sweet.
I loved the Poppy Treffry stand too and Kate bought me her book 'free and easy stitch style' for Christmas.
Then I really pushed the boat out with the purchase of this shawl from Pingush. I couldn't resist the softness of alpaca wool.
Non bobbling. Something to last a lifetime.
(well actually I have decided it could be a gift to moi from my husband for Christmas, I have yet to tell him).

The Fair was lovely and I will definitely go again in the Spring. Just wish they had seating because we shopped till we dropped but dropping meant to a corner on the floor somewhere out of the way when we would have preferred a seat.


  1. Oh, it looks like it was a wonderful excursion! I had to laugh at "we...wore flat shoes and layers" because that's how I dress every day and it seemed, from your words, that that is an exception for you. (I gave up on heels in my 20s. LOL.)

    Anyway, thanks so much for the link to the gluten-free recipe blog, I've bookmarked it already.

    -Kim @ Musings and Fuzzy Tales

  2. Your favorite work of Linda Miller , Did you notice something ? the cat model is me !!!!!! ....see tuxedo cat always look so good !
    he...hee..heee...you know I talk crap, don't you ?...sorry I just been silly !

    The fact is...we really enjoy The fair, thank you : )

  3. Oh I would love to go to the fair one day - it was bad timing for us last week, wasn't it? I adore K's new hat and it is her to a T :-)
    Your purchases are delightful too and I'm very much looking forward to seeing your Poppy T. style creations in the future!!!
    Why don't they provide seats at these events? Well, I know why (to make us pay for drinks!) but it just is so crazy !!!!!!
    A lovely outing for you and I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it.
    Thank you for your lovely comments :-)
    D xx

  4. Oh I would so enjoy being there too. That is just the sort of thing I enjoy so much. I make excursions to such places every few months and leave my green papers there. :-)

    Our love to the three of you.

  5. We love all the items ~ especially the Linda Miller.

  6. It looks like it was a great day...I think I would have maybe gone a tiny bit mad shopping! So much to see.

  7. I love that embroidery!! Of course, I immediately set about redesigning it - my realistic side simply could not have the birds and the cat in such proxomity - but I spent a long time admiring the details in the stitching!!

  8. Sounds like an exhausting but happy day! I love the Linda Millar embroidery - so sweet:)

  9. Hello dear
    Marley and Me is certainly a good film for a therapeutic sobbing of the choking variety!! It got to me just as much as Emma Thompson's outburst of "what do you know about my heart?" in Sense and Sensibility - and the S&S scene has been my stalwart for crying therapy for many a moon !!!!
    D xx

  10. It's furry good to indulge oneself with beautiful quality stuff every now and then. There's so much horrible cheap stuff that's bad for everyone in the course of it's making. Yay to quality!


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