Thursday 4 August 2011

going potty

When someone surprises you with a kindness it is extra special, isn't it.
I could have one of these to use to pot-up my plants...

But no! my dear friend Mr C who lives here in Cornwall and helps me to look after my Aunt's home instead made me one like this!

It was originally an industrial Singer sewing machine and he stripped it out, rejuvenated the base and made a 'potting' top for it.
I love it and will treasure it..

potting bench or new cat bed?

A labour of love.
What unusual things have you had made for you...?


  1. We know...... you might have a potting bench in theory, but we think the boys know a purr-fect thing when they see it!!!

  2. That bench is beautiful...and will make the purrfect cat bed! ;)

  3. What a lovely thing to do, and a brilliant way to reuse/recycle!

  4. It is wonderful - I want one too !!!!!!
    It has to be the most stylish potting bench there is :-)

  5. That bench is just purrfect! :)


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