Saturday 27 August 2011

What has a tail and yet no body?

.. escaped ferret..?

... a discarded old duster? The ones that come with handles
(now that could still be useful..!?)

Tis ME!, Your Darcy and my trusty old fluffiness of a tail, all intact and ready for PLAY!
How about it?!!


  1. Oh what a glorious plume you have. A perfect duster..a lovely signaling device, a soft fan..a waking-up-mommy wand..

  2. By the way, I am still completely enchanted seeing Darcy and Bingley put in the garden running a few weeks ago in your blog..those back views of those precious short little legs running at full tilt..oh, mommy and I were enthralled and still are. xoxoxox

  3. Darcy, that is one floofy tail you have!

  4. Looks like a purr-fect perch for one furry puddy-tat!

    Darcy, your mom takes the most interesting pictures of you and your brother! Love coming to see what next she snaps!

  5. Well, Darcy (and Bingley, too) what a wonderful place you have found to watch the world go by. I've enjoyed reading about your adventures in Cornwall and I'm sure you have had a super time but I think you will both be glad to be at home again:)


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