Thursday 25 August 2011

a face to a name

We have returned from our Cornish holidays and are still thinking about the good times we had.
We stayed at Aunties and the Havens visited her in her Care Home all they could. 

Darcy and Bingley hiding out under Aunt's dressing table

... we (the fluffy duo) both thought about her too...

.. and looked at happy times recorded in photo albums.

Mrs Haven decided she would post up a picture of Aunty, privacy considered, because in so many ways Aunty is 'unseen' now she is in Care, unable to move independently or chat or choose who sees her and hears what she has to say (and what she has to say is not what it was, more a shout or cry).
But she always loved the camera. So let us see her.
Here she is.

.. and before..

wedding day bliss

.. their much loved dear old Jess, near Damar Bay

.. and later, naughty little Honey when she arrived first and then as she grew up.. on the beach at Looe..

Once met never forgotten (how could you in those hats!)
.. and their beloved Cornwall has been a wonderful place to get to know.

Note: Re. Darcy and spraying. He is still doing it a bit in his litter tray, but with the lid on the litter box it is contained and so OK on that front.
Much love and reassurance is being administered to the little lad.
We go on from here.


  1. Wonderful photo memories! I like that wedding picture a lot, her husband looks like a joyful man :-)

  2. Poor old soul. You know, life is so unfair--no news there. I volunteered as a "friendly visitor" for a while, via our senior's centre, not long after my ex and I split. The woman I used to visit (in her home, with her husband), went to a local nursing facility (old orphanage, very institutional-looking) shortly after I started, and I used to go down on Saturdays and spend a couple of hours with her. She didn't last long in there, about 5 months. It really was difficult to walk in there and see the elderly people, many almost catatonic. Very, very depressing.

    Your photos of your aunt are a lovely remembrance--I wonder if anyone has recorded (paper, other) her stories/history (prior to this, I mean). Because so much is lost from family history, unless it's diligently passed on.

    I wish her soul peace.

  3. Just following up...Yes, I remembered that she has dementia now, which is why I wondered if anyone had recorded her stories.

    I really had only one grandparent, dad's mom, and now that she's passed, so much is lost. Her two sons (dad and his brother) are working to record what they know, but once they're gone, all will be lost. It's not something I cared about in my 20s or 30s, but now that 50 is creeping up in a few years, I find that family history means a great deal more to me.

    (Oops, posting from my own account now, not Fuzzy Tales.)

  4. I loved reading your bloggie and the comments. The comment by Fuzzy Tales especially caught my interest as it seems to be the norm..once one gets into a care home.

    The chronicling of your dear one's life in letting us see her pictures at a younger age and happy time in life should make all of us remember..time moves on and so do we.

    Thought provoking and inspiring in its way. Thank you so much. xox

  5. hello lovely :-)
    Such gorgeous photos of Aunty and wasn't she a beauty in her young days? Still is, in many ways. I love that you've explored photos again, they're so special.

  6. We enjoyed your posting! Glad the boys enjoyed their visit to Aunty too!

  7. What a lovely post...beautiful photos of Aunty! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  8. Thank for sharing ! It's always great to have lovely remembrance.

  9. Glad you had a good visit with your aunt! Hope the spraying issue settles, once he gets settled into his home environment again!

  10. What a beautiful post. Such a loving tribute to Aunty. She seems a lovely lady. Very moving. Hope the boys settle quickly into home again. Take care, Sue x


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