Thursday 18 August 2011

Thursday in the garden ~ finale

This post shows us in the cornish garden but it is the last excursion because there has been an unfortunate development.

Bingley and Darcy




Darcy spots him first...

... the neighbours Tom called Bonkers.

There are 3 Toms around, all spraying this garden.
All of them pursue Darcy and Bingley.
Now Darcy has begun spraying in his litter tray in the kitchen (and its messy).
Mrs H is having to clean a lot (with special stuff from the pet shop) but is worried that he will continue this habit when he goes home.
All daily excursions have ceased and he has been shampooed in case he has Tom spray on him.
To no avail at the moment. Any suggestions or pointers about what can be done to reassure him and break the habit most gratefully requested.


  1. Arrgh. We suggest the stupid neighbours get their cats neutered, for crying out loud.

    Sorry, no idea with regard to Darcy, but we'll keep our paws crossed he doesn't continue marking his territory once he's home!

  2. Hello dear
    The Feliway atomiser thingy that we've got is meant to be a deterent for tom cat spraying. You can get a Feliway spray as well which I presume you spray in the areas where the cat has started spraying/marking.
    It's probably a stress response, don't you think?

  3. OH NOES! I sincerely hope that someone can come up with an answer or more to try. That is most distressing. Bonkers really REALLY has caused an awful problem. I'm so sorry. After never having a problem to all of this and all at once? Insupportable.


  4. Feliway may help

    We are having an equally annoying problem with Scylla using the living room as a litter box. Mommy thinks she may have solved the problem paws crossed.

  5. You Been shampooed, Oh No !!!! I hate shampooed !!!
    I hope you are o.k. my friend, and hope you have special treats after all : )

  6. Alas, I have no suggestions... but I am sorry that you and Mr. Darcy have this dilemma on your 'fur' and hands.

    Maybe they should have called the neighbor Tom something other than Bonkers??

  7. Oh no!! Well, unfortunately for Darcy and Bingley, the best thing would be to keep them indoors and not let them see or smell those other cats. Hopefully, Darcy will calm down and stop spraying when he doesn't see those cats anymore.

  8. Oh no! When our guardian angle Mikey ::bows head in honor:: started spraying in the house, mom discovered it was because an intact male (who turned out to be Figgy's grandfather, Pete) used to stroll by the window where Mikey could see him. Mom ended up putting sheets of paper on the window to block his view and then the spraying stopped. Anything you can do so that Darcy and Bingley can no longer see or smell the introoder cats will help.

    Good luck!

    xoxo Cory

  9. thank you all for your suggestions/and or support. I will get Feliway and hope that being back at home where there is no smell and Toms will help (apart from the kittens Otis and Ellwood who I hope haven't started spraying). Otherwise I thought I would try a lidded litter tray to try to contain the spray. We have no choice but to put the litter tray in the study. Thanks again, Helen xx we all have fingers and paws crossed.

  10. What a selfish neighbour you have! Bad, bad, bad. We think that persuading him/her to do the right thing is the easiest option. Otherwise, you may have to keep Darcy and Bingley inside forver. Poor kitties. Lemon scented pledge can stop cats spraying in a particular area after a single "accident", but I don't know of a solution for fear/upset spraying.

  11. Hoping it's just stress and will feel better away from Tom!

  12. Ugh, those neighbors need to learn about neutering their toms! So sorry that this has happened. It looks like you've got a lot of good advice above ... we are purring and praying that things work out.


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