Thursday, 4 November 2010

Thursday in the garden ~ "how the leaves came down"

"Gathering Leaves"  - by Robert Frost

Spades take up leaves
No better than spoons,
And bags full of leaves
Are light as balloons.

I make a great noise
Of rustling all day
Like rabbit and deer
Running away.
But the mountains I raise

Elude my embrace,
Flowing over my arms
And into my face.
I may load and unload

Again and again
Till I fill the whole shed,
And what have I then?
Next to nothing for weight,
And since they grew duller
From contact with earth,
Next to nothing for color.
Next to nothing for use.
But a crop is a crop,
And who's to say where
The harvest shall stop?


Darcy - nothing but a tail


  1. Bingley, you always look beautiful

    Darcy, Your tail talks a lot today : )

    Thanks for made me a beautiful day !

  2. When we see you in your garden pots, it makes us purrr. Even if it's just the tip of your magnificent tail!

  3. Bingley, you're certainly enjoying the leaves!

    Darcy, our mom had to squint and look hard before she saw the circle around your tail -- she needs glasses. Seriously. LOL!

  4. MOL! Darcy, we still see you! You have to pull your plume all the way in.

    Bingly, who put all those leaves on you? We enjoyed your choice of poem for today.

  5. Darcy and are always and ever a glorious beautiful sight for me.

  6. I'm always delighted to catch glimpses of you furry fellows....

    Funny how those 'tails' always give away the secret hidding place.

    Happy Day...............

  7. The tail cracked me up ...

    Your two make those leaves look Purrfect !!!

  8. What a purry furry face! love it!

  9. We love to watch the leaves falling, and the wind blowing them across the yard.
    Ninja, Bambi and Spyder

  10. I love the leaves on Bingley's back!

  11. What gorgeous photos!!! Makes you really enjoy Autumn.

  12. I love that poem! And the pictures of you boys fit purrfectly! :)

  13. Wot lovely pics ~ sorry we missed this post! We blame mom!


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